Alcoholism – The Cause and Its Effects

Knowing the root of a problem is half way the solution. Every single day, people around the world end up being alcoholics, but not all of them know the reasons behind this. There are more than a few possible reasons some individuals turn from casual, social drinkers to pathetic alcohol abusers and ultimately to complete alcoholics.

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Research findings show that, the quantity someone drinks or the number of times he or she drinks at the early stage of life has huge influence later on. Putting it straight, the early years’ drinking habits decides whether the person will be alcoholic.

Be it clear alcoholism, mild alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse or a progressive disorder led by alcoholic habits – things started when the person actually drank alcohol. But drinking alcohol slowly changes the chemical balance within the brain.


Gamma-amino butyric acid or GABA, a naturally produced brain chemical, is one of the most abundant neurotransmitters within the central nervous system, which is mainly responsible for higher brain functions such as thought and interpreting sensations. Alcohol intake decreases the level of GABA, thus inhibiting them from doing simple tasks. Anyone who has been drunk can surely relate to this.

As a person gets sober, the effects of decrease in GABA, also ebbs. However, constant usage of alcohol can permanently reduce the level of GABA.
Another biochemical change that occurs when someone drinks is the rise in glutamate. This excites the body’s nervous system. Thus, it triggers pleasure to someone who has consumed alcohol. The drinker feels happy when he or she has consumed alcohol that when the effect fades, they tend to consume alcohol to make the effect last. This causes the body to literally long for more alcohol and will ultimately lead to alcoholism.

Studies indicate that particular aspects of genetic makeup might make a person vulnerable to particular addictions such as alcoholism. Simply speaking, when someone’s mom or dad suffered from difficulties like alcoholism, chances are high that he or she will turn out to be a victim too.
One cannot deny the role of emotional pain or stress, which sometimes gets people to become slaves to alcoholism. Cause and effects of alcoholism are thus interconnected.



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