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Create Your Own Destiny

Create Your Own Destiny without Performing Rituals and Worshiping Entities
Magick Power is a unique course that shows you how to get the ability to create your own destiny, to get what you want instantly without needing to study and practice any occult system for years, nor perform rituals for months or worship any strange entity.
Price: $97


How To Get Psychic and Magick Power

Learn magic spells Get Real Magic Powers Learn real magic spells
Learn Ancient Secrets That Magickal Fraternities And Mystics DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW A Fast-moving Ebook That Can Teach Your Visitors How To Enhance Their Psychic And Magick Skill
Price: $17


Affirmations software

Follow this simple step by step instructions and unleash the wealth secrets.
The Sculptor Method uses a powerful Subliminal Messaging feature which displays subliminally on your computer monitor while you practice your affirmations.
Price: $97


The Complete Book of Photo Magick

Learn How To Use The Spiritual Power Captured In Photos To Achieve Your Life Goals.
The secrets, tips and teachings unveiled here will help anyone to get results by working with the specific vibrations of the astral bodies and thoughts captured in a photograph. In any photograph
Price: $37


Become a successful magician

Learn to become a successful magician with this successful magician guide.
This Collection Is For Any One Who Wants To Become A Better, More Successful Magician. Learn What It Takes To Be A Professional Magician - You Can Do It. Includes Audio E-book Of Magic Tricks Plus Companion Pdf As Well As 2 More Bonus Magic Trick E-books.
Price: $6.97

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